marcial arts

I'm Marc Goldbach, cinephile and filmmaker.

Academic career

2015: Abitur
2020: Bachelor of Arts, Media Design
2021: course "Wrting the Short" (Young Screenwriters, Prof. John Warren)

professional career

2015: internship / temporary job in an advertising agency
2017-2018: online editor for a horror film magazine
2018-2019: work as crowd marshall on film sets and as an assistant at extras castings
2019-2020: actor / ensemble member of the Bürgerbühne play "Was ihr Wollt" at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
2019-now: jury member, head of Design, vision mixer for the 24h to take festival
2020-now: freelance work as a videographer and vision mixer for various live productions and festivals, e.g. upfront! European Video Award
2020-now: working as a freelance filmmaker as a assistant location manager for various film and serial productions, e.g. Babylon Berlin
2021-now: work in other positions on smaller film productions, e.g. as production manager for "Die Wartenden" (directed by Sophia Groening) and as assistant director for "Die Sorge stirbt zuletzt" (directed by Luisa Zhu)

my own premieres, screenings and exhibitions

2019: video installation "Apophenia" at KIT (Kunst im Tunnel) Düsseldorf
2020: screening of the bachelor thesis video work "Fast Film: The betrayal of moving image" in the Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf
2021: screening / premiere of the short film "Beyond the Wall of Sleep" at the Filmhaus Cologne

premieres, screenings and exhibitions with my participation

2019: (concept / camera) screening "Open Studios Open Minds #9" at the Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, directed by Nils Kemmerling & Anne Schülke
2019: (actor) premiere "Was ihr wollt" at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, directed by Joanna Praml
2020: (Camera) Exhibition of the video installation "Lösen" by the artist Leonard Schmidt-Dominé at the Düsseldorf Art Academy